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Stress Management

We can’t avoid stress. If we focus on enjoying life and balance periods of pressure with periods of nurture, recovery and repair, we can rise to the challenge of stress and survive it. This workshop will explain how stress hormones affect us, with easy to learn techniques to put you in control and help you focus. What you learn will support you, give you peace of mind and optimise your performance. Useful whenever you need to stay calm and confident in personal, family and workplace situations.


Stress Survivor Workshop Take home with you a factsheet and a ‘toolbox’ of stress-busting practical techniques and life skills which will benefit you in your daily life. Never again dry up in a presentation or meeting, stay confident and calm in difficult or uncomfortable situations. You will be able to relax quickly and efficiently, reduce stress levels, control the effects of stress-related conditions, improve concentration, self-belief and sleep quality.



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