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Sales Team Incentives

Sales is a challenging and fast-paced profession, where managers must devise strategies to keep their teams engaged and motivated at all times, to achieve the best results. There is no greater competition than in the Sales department.  

We have some fun sales incentives to help your team strive to hit target, as a group or for individuals. Spa treatments are a great wellness incentive that can make your sales reps come back feeling relaxed, refreshed and pampered. These can act as a great motivator in some sales environments and demonstrate you care about the wellbeing of your staff.

Choose from:

◊ An afternoon of pampering in the office which can include seated massage, manicures etc

◊ This can be linked to a point system relative to sales, so the more an individual sells the more points they have to spend on treatments, cupcakes and catering. We also have companies using the point system on a rolling basis, so we come into the office once a month and employees can book in their points they've earnt. This can either be used as a sales incentive or an employee reward system.

◊ Gift Vouchers, we give your business 10% off the cost

◊ One of our chocolate making reward days

◊ An outside event with catering and pamper stations

◊ A wellness class - yoga, ballet bare, pilates, nia dance, moving meditation or body balance.

◊ A show dance class - learn either thriller, greece lighting or footloose

◊ A chance to win a pamper party for 6 people etc These tend to work really well as employees often work harder knowing they could get reward for themselves, family and friends.

◊ A chance to win a Two's company pamper which can be you and a partner or mum and daughter etc


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